I’m putting a bunch of old paintings and prints (and other random items) up for sale on NZ auction site Trademe this week. If you’re in New Zealand and are looking to pick up some of my work for cheap, check out the auctions here.

Overseas fans – if you see something you’d like on there which hasn’t been bid on, I can cancel the auction and work something out with you over Paypal. (Convert the ‘buy now’ price to your local currency for the price, and I’ll find out shipping costs for your location.) Just drop me a line, at

UPDATE: Sold all of that batch. More to come by the end of the year though..!

I had a pile of nearly-empty cans and a crappy piece of wood lying around, so thought I’d see how quickly I could paint a basic landscape. This took exactly 30 minutes. The end result is pretty ugly, but I’m probably just going to paint over it or throw it out, so… meh. Thought it would be interesting as an example of my process… oh and the camera dropped out right near the end, so you miss some of the boring detail work.

Spraypaint, acrylic and enamel on panel. Music by Supervision.

the almighty johnsonsNo, it’s not a Tim Balme appreciation post. (Although he does look damn good in denim). No, look behind him – my paintings are appearing in the second season of kick-ass TV3 show ‘The Almighty Johnsons‘. Choice! There are three of them hanging around  (huh) Axl’s flat. If you’re in NZ you can check it out at 8:30 Wednesday evenings on TV3. If you’re not in NZ… eh. Sorry.



My creative output has taken a back seat for a little bit in order to focus on my newest project. It’s a slightly more.. organic venture than usual. What I’ve done is combined the DNA of me and my wife, then we incubated it in her abdomen for 9 months, and last week we unveiled it to public view.

We’re pretty happy with how it’s turned out. (There have been a few kinks involving screaming, runny poop and a lack of sleep, but we’ll figure those out eventually.) We’re hoping the project  will continue to develop over the coming decades, and it will also be touring with us constantly. At some point – perhaps as early as next year- it may even become self-aware! Here’s hoping.

Anyway.. wish us luck. I haven’t been this excited about a new project for a long, long time!

This is a clip showing the process of creating an illustration, sped up 800% or so.

I’m drawing the cover for the new single by Auckland noise band ‘god bows to math’; that song is also the soundtrack for the clip. you can purchase it here.

Materials used include graphite pencil, felt-tip pens, permanent markers, whiteboard marker, enamel paint pens, acrylic paint, watercolour paint, oil pastels, chalk, coffee, tomato paste, coal dust and strawberry jam. I used a lighter to dry out the paper at the start after I spilled some water on it. Oh and at some point I also ate carrot cake but I don’t think any of it got on the picture.

I had a few hours to spare this afternoon so thought I’d see how quickly I could paint a piece.. this one took just around 45 minutes (including setting up and a toilet break).

Music is ‘Honey B!’ by PEACE, from the free EP ‘Hungry’ –

(in approximate chronological order, with links.)

Yes! I know that making lists of your favourite media / art / food etc is the laziest way to fill a blog. I just need something to try and kick me into writing more, and it seemed like an easy way to start that process.

I’m starting with movies, but damn.. this is a tough one. I studied film at university, and have seen a lot of films over the years. (As anyone who has visited a video shop wioth me can attest to.) My taste is pretty mainstream in general; even though I have watched and tried to like a number of avant garde films over the years but most of them leave me cold inside, and wishing for the escapism that never came, with a few exceptions. (I do, however, enjoy Asian and European cinema -and to some people, this would be well arthouse.)

Anyway, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I have quite childish taste – teenage, at the most- and it leans towards animation, sci fi and comedy (in that order). I could easily do a top 10 for each of those three genres, in fact, but I’ll try and cull it down.

I’ll make each one a link to the movie’s trailer, or my favourite scene. (Or, in the case of ‘Bomb It’, a link to the full movie.) This list is subject to change, and it is NOT in order. It’s hard enough coming up with the top 10, let alone ranking the damn things…

videos may contain adult language + themes

bfm_monsters_tIn a stunning display of crass commercialism, I have designed a t-shirt for the awesome radio station 95bFM. They’re available now, and are a bargain at only $25 -that’s half the price of a fifty bag!

You can purchase these beautiful pieces of decorated cotton apparel via their website, or by visiting the bFM offices and buying one straight from the hard-working music elves themselves.

(Warning- this image may feature a monster eating a baby. There are possibly brains being chewed. bFM and the artist take no responsibility for any offense that may be incurred by the wearing of this shirt.)

I spend a lot of time on the internet. Too long, some people say. This means I have a lot of websites I can turn to when I am in need of comedic stimulii. (In other words, I spend too much time surfing random crap and laughing.)

Anyways, here are a few of my favourite comedic sites, if you need some reading material for the summer break. (Or if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, and you need some reading material for being snowed in.) The overwhelming tone veers between ‘nerdy’ and ‘cynical’, but that’s just a reflection of my awful sense of humour, I guess.

(The Customer is) Not Always Right – This one’s for anyone who has ever worked in customer service, and has had to deal with those doe-eyed idiots that stumble around this world causing car accidents and buying Black Eyed Peas albums.

People of Walmart – Sorry, my American friends, but your ugly and weird people are so much uglier and weirder than the ones you find anywhere else.

E-mails from an Asshole – What it says on the tin. He’s an asshole who replies to classified ads in the manner of an asshole.

27b/6 – David is strange, rude, funny, and comes from Australia. I won’t hold that against him though, since the funny outweighs the rest.

Freelance Freedom comic – For any designer (web, graphic, print, etc) who has ever worked from home as a freelancer. Tthis comic speaks to us all.

Pictures for Sad Children – The adventures of a ghost, or something. I get easily confused when I don’t take those pills.

XKCD – Comic strip. Geek humour. Awesome, awesome geek humour.

Clients from Hell – More designer humour… the scary part is, they’re all real.

Superuseless Superpowers – Like “having ‘Laser Pointer Vision’ – it’s not strong enough to do any damage, it just points things out.”

Cracked – It used to be the lame cousin of Mad Magazine. Now, it’s a humorous website full of bitterly cynical writings and lists, designed for the soundbite generation.

Regretsy – “Looks like you made it with your feet.” This is the bastard offspring of Etsy, the site where you can sell your handmade wonders to the world. This site collects the things that, um, maybe you should have just set on fire and forgotten.

Lamebook – In a similar vein, this one collects stupidity from the ubiquitous social networking site we all know and hate.

OK… I’ll add more to these over time. Check back.