paul x walsh

Auckland-based mural / street art / graffiti artist


I love making art, especially public art. Unfortunately it doesn’t always pay as much as it should, and I am bad at saying yes to projects that I can’t really afford to be saying yes to.

Sooo. with that in mind, if you could flick me a few dollars to help out, it would be very much appreciated. More money means I can afford more paint, pay taxes, keep my van running, and have more time to spend making art… and… I love making art.

You can donate to my paint fund with a credit card, using the Paypal link below (you don’t need a Paypal account to do so – you don’t need to write in a “purpose” either!) – or you can simply slide some money into my bank account;
Plug Design / ANZ / 06-0869-0421303-00

Thanks in advance!