I spend a lot of time on the internet. Too long, some people say. This means I have a lot of websites I can turn to when I am in need of comedic stimulii. (In other words, I spend too much time surfing random crap and laughing.)

Anyways, here are a few of my favourite comedic sites, if you need some reading material for the summer break. (Or if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, and you need some reading material for being snowed in.) The overwhelming tone veers between ‘nerdy’ and ‘cynical’, but that’s just a reflection of my awful sense of humour, I guess.

(The Customer is) Not Always Right – This one’s for anyone who has ever worked in customer service, and has had to deal with those doe-eyed idiots that stumble around this world causing car accidents and buying Black Eyed Peas albums.

People of Walmart – Sorry, my American friends, but your ugly and weird people are so much uglier and weirder than the ones you find anywhere else.

E-mails from an Asshole – What it says on the tin. He’s an asshole who replies to classified ads in the manner of an asshole.

27b/6 – David is strange, rude, funny, and comes from Australia. I won’t hold that against him though, since the funny outweighs the rest.

Freelance Freedom comic – For any designer (web, graphic, print, etc) who has ever worked from home as a freelancer. Tthis comic speaks to us all.

Pictures for Sad Children – The adventures of a ghost, or something. I get easily confused when I don’t take those pills.

XKCD – Comic strip. Geek humour. Awesome, awesome geek humour.

Clients from Hell – More designer humour… the scary part is, they’re all real.

Superuseless Superpowers – Like “having ‘Laser Pointer Vision’ – it’s not strong enough to do any damage, it just points things out.”

Cracked – It used to be the lame cousin of Mad Magazine. Now, it’s a humorous website full of bitterly cynical writings and lists, designed for the soundbite generation.

Regretsy – “Looks like you made it with your feet.” This is the bastard offspring of Etsy, the site where you can sell your handmade wonders to the world. This site collects the things that, um, maybe you should have just set on fire and forgotten.

Lamebook – In a similar vein, this one collects stupidity from the ubiquitous social networking site we all know and hate.

OK… I’ll add more to these over time. Check back.

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