My creative output has taken a back seat for a little bit in order to focus on my newest project. It’s a slightly more.. organic venture than usual. What I’ve done is combined the DNA of me and my wife, then we incubated it in her abdomen for 9 months, and last week we unveiled it to public view.

We’re pretty happy with how it’s turned out. (There have been a few kinks involving screaming, runny poop and a lack of sleep, but we’ll figure those out eventually.) We’re hoping the project ¬†will continue to develop over the coming decades, and it will also be touring with us constantly. At some point – perhaps as early as next year- it may even become self-aware! Here’s hoping.

Anyway.. wish us luck. I haven’t been this excited about a new project for a long, long time!

  1. Looks like some of your finest work there Mr Walsh. Such perfect detail, such heart!

  2. coolest baby ever by default.

  3. OMG! E is right! This is the coolest baby ever! Congrats!

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