Yes! I know that making lists of your favourite media / art / food etc is the laziest way to fill a blog. I just need something to try and kick me into writing more, and it seemed like an easy way to start that process.

I’m starting with movies, but damn.. this is a tough one. I studied film at university, and have seen a lot of films over the years. (As anyone who has visited a video shop wioth me can attest to.) My taste is pretty mainstream in general; even though I have watched and tried to like a number of avant garde films over the years but most of them leave me cold inside, and wishing for the escapism that never came, with a few exceptions. (I do, however, enjoy Asian and European cinema -and to some people, this would be well arthouse.)

Anyway, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I have quite childish taste – teenage, at the most- and it leans towards animation, sci fi and comedy (in that order). I could easily do a top 10 for each of those three genres, in fact, but I’ll try and cull it down.

I’ll make each one a link to the movie’s trailer, or my favourite scene. (Or, in the case of ‘Bomb It’, a link to the full movie.) This list is subject to change, and it is NOT in order. It’s hard enough coming up with the top 10, let alone ranking the damn things…

videos may contain adult language + themes

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