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making babies!

  My creative output has taken a back seat for a little bit in order to focus on my newest project. It’s a slightly more.. organic venture than usual. What I’ve done is combined the DNA of me and my wife, then we incubated it in her abdomen for 9 months, and last week we

timelapse painting

I had a few hours to spare this afternoon so thought I’d see how quickly I could paint a piece.. this one took just around 45 minutes (including setting up and a toilet break). Music is ‘Honey B!’ by PEACE, from the free EP ‘Hungry’ –

17 things that have inspired my art

(in approximate chronological order, with links.) ‘Sleep’ by Salvador Dali Gumby (tv show) Danger Mouse (tv show) M.C. Escher (artist) David Attenborough’s ‘Life’ documentaries The skateboard graphics of Jim Phillips 2000AD (comic) Reg Mombassa’s t-shirt designs for Mambo Footrot Flats (comic) The Dark Crystal (movie) Terry Teo (comic) Liquid Television (tv series) DJ Shadow’s ‘…Endtroducing’

bfm t-shirt

In a stunning display of crass commercialism, I have designed a t-shirt for the awesome radio station 95bFM. They’re available now, and are a bargain at only $25 -that’s half the price of a fifty bag! You can purchase these beautiful pieces of decorated cotton apparel via their website, or by visiting the bFM offices and buying