Paul X Walsh is one of New Zealand’s most prolific public artists, having painted dozens of murals and over a hundred utility box artworks around the country.

Photo by Greg Bowker / Getty Images for World Rugby – used with permission

Born and raised in Rotorua, he spent his formative years living in Wellington and London, and has been based in Auckland since 2008.

Paul works in a range of mediums, from spraypaint to watercolour. His art has been featured on multiple news websites, TV shows and blogs – Newshub, Radio NZ, Seven Sharp, BBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Company and CNN’s Headline News, amongst others.

He spends his time working on a wide range of commercial, public and private commissions, playing video games about dinosaurs, and going on bushwalks with his two kids. He shares his house with a one-eyed cat which seems to possess a ruthless intelligence far above the average cat, and has slowly been murdering all of his other pets to the point that he is worried that it may soon develop a taste for something… bigger. Oh and he also collects vinyl. | @paulxwalsh on Instagram |  Paul X. Walsh on Facebook